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Editor’s Column: You Say That to All of the Contributors

./Steven Toaddy

Of the contributions that I receive for each of the four annual issues of TIP, I’m most grateful for those that I receive for this one. You may think that this has something to do with the culturally sanctioned uptick in gratitude surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, and you may be correct, but I attribute it to my belief that this is a hard time of year to give any extra effort to anything—it’s Q4, it’s the part of the year where many academics (as well as those who just vacation in the summer) are just getting back from summer break, and, oh yes, it’s right around that lovely annual conference-submission deadline—especially so this year. So when I say thank you to the authors who have gone out of their way to provide us with their reports and perspectives in this issue, I mean it as much as I always do—and then just a little bit more.

This issue may be especially helpful for those of us who lack direction in life, as readers will be able to find guidance (read: marching orders) on asking for (and fostering) resilience instead of adaptability, avoiding identifying too much with management, exploring robowriting technologies, requesting and responding to requests for data in support of open science, fostering DEI in the workplace, creating effective professional (and personal) networks, incorporating DEI into graduate program curricula and research endeavors, and participating in the SIOP Ambassador Program. If you don’t come away from this issue with homework, then you weren’t paying attention!

Of special note as well are the highlights of some of the excellent work that SIOP and its members are doing; the President’s Column, The Bridge, both this and this writeup of SIOP Award Winners, the SIOP in Washington update, and the SIOP-UN update are good examples of these.


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