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Editor’s Column: A How-To Guide for Defining Our Future

./Steven Toaddy

For the most part, I have nothing to do with the content that is submitted to TIP for consideration. Sure, there are a few recurring columns that I can encourage or nudge in one way or another, and certainly it is not a complete surprise when a particular author sends a particular type of content for consideration—they represent an expected perspective, a straightforward interest or committee, or both—but largely it is as much a surprise to me as it is to you. The content submitted for this issue was, to my sensibilities, a delightful surprise.

Specifically, I was delighted by the how-to guides that many contributors have furnished. I admit that I thought I detected a pattern and am now doing my best to see as many confirming examples as possible like the human that I am, but even so, I invite the interested reader to consult particularly the following articles in the event that they have a bit of time to spend improving the lot of themselves and/or of their fellow humans:

On the topic of those last two articles: Those two are half of the four articles that form a Special International Section for this issue of TIP (another delightful surprise for me, and hopefully for you!), edited by my soon-to-be replacement and Editor-in-Training Adriane M.F. Sanders. Check out the other two articles as well!

As always, I would express my gratitude for the many contributors who make TIP what it is (whether or not they submit how-to guides). It is my honor to receive and review content from contributors and to work with my editor-in-training, the AO, and members of the EB who keep this—and the Society as a whole—afloat. Hats aren’t as big here in Louisiana as they are in our famous neighbor to the west, but if I had one, I’d tip it to y’all.

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