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SIOP Celebrates 25-year Members Through the Sterling Circle

Time flies when you’re having fun! SIOP likes to celebrate those who have chosen to spend their time with SIOP through our Sterling Circle. The Sterling Circle is reserved for people who have been SIOP members for 25 years or more. These members get recognized in a variety of ways including receiving special badges at the SIOP Annual Conference and Leading Edge Consortium (LEC), getting special announcements in plenary sessions at SIOP events, and recognition in TIP.

Official recognition of SIOP’s Sterling Circle members began at the 2016 Leading Edge Consortium.

What keeps these members coming back? See what a few of our almost 200 Sterling Circle members have to say below!

Dr. Kathie Pelletier
Professor, California State University, San Bernardino

“I have enjoyed many aspects of SIOP; consequently, it is nearly impossible to identify which I enjoyed the most! What I have always appreciated about SIOP is that this Society is comprised of knowledgeable, thoughtful, and innovative scholars and practitioners who come together to share their expertise at the annual conference and through their publications in TIP and the other I-O Psychology Journals. As a graduate student, the SIOP conferences provided me an opportunity to learn about the latest research and organizational interventions from the scholars I cited in my thesis and dissertation. Now that I am a professor, I have come to value the collaborative networks that result from being a member, in addition to learning about the latest research findings that provide us with knowledge and strategies to continue improving the well-being of employees, leaders,

Dr. Quinetta Roberson
Professor, University of Michigan

“What is so interesting and exciting is witnessing the evolution of SIOP over the years. One can see what is happening in society and in organizations simply by noting changes in the research topics. Work-life balance is but one example. Another example is the renewed emphasis on the teaching of I-O. In short, SIOP is the mirror that reflects current societal and organizational phenomena.”




Dr. Steve Allscheid
President, Standard & Associates

“I am grateful for the support SIOP has provided to me over the years in my academic and professional development. I am impressed with the quality of knowledge, capability and work ethic of the members and colleagues, and am comforted that the association is there when needed.”




More information about the SIOP Sterling Circle can be found here.

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