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The SIOP Ambassador Program Wants You to Make a Connection at the 2021 SIOP Annual Conference

In just a few short weeks, the 2021 SIOP Annual Conference will be here. Many of us are still learning how to navigate conferences in virtual formats. How do you effectively network with new people and build relationships while not being physically at the conference?

One sure way to meet new people and forge relationships is the SIOP Ambassador Program. This program supports our newest attendees by matching them with people willing to share what they’ve learned from past conferences. Serving as an Ambassador is a relatively small time commitment that can have a tremendous impact. 

How to sign up:

  • Anyone interested in participating in the program as an Ambassador or Newcomer can sign up through the SIOP Annual Conference registration process. 
  • If you already registered for the conference but would like to sign up for the Ambassador Program, simply go back through the registration process and select the option to enroll. 
  • If you are not able to access the program through registration, please email us at ambassador@siop.org.


  • Newcomers: Anyone who is attending SIOP for the first time
  • Ambassadors: Anyone who has attended at least one previous SIOP Annual Conference and who is registered for 2021


  • Matched Ambassadors and Newcomers will meet by phone, video conference, or email prior to the conference at least once
  • Both will schedule at least one time to check in (i.e., meet up virtually) during the conference

We’re very excited about the 2021 SIOP Ambassador Program and look forward to your participation! For more information about the Ambassador Program requirements, special events geared specifically for newcomers and ambassadors on Wednesday evening of SIOP, and how to get involved, contact us at ambassador@siop.org or visit our webpage.

The Ambassador Program would love for you to participate and help “Make a Connection” this year!

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