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Virtual Consortia Tracks Available During 2021 SIOP Annual Conference

Four virtual Consortia tracks – Masters, Doctoral, Early Career Practitioner, and Early Career Faculty – have been designed for the 2021 SIOP Annual Conference to provide content that appeals to students and members early in their careers.

Doctoral Consortium
The last day to register is March 23.

The Lee Hakel Doctoral Consortium is a virtual development and networking event that includes a diverse set of I-O professionals who offer unique perspectives on the opportunities and challenges faced by both I-O practitioners and academics today. The Doctoral Consortium offers two tracks: applied and academic. Topics may include surviving the dissertation process, navigating the job process, and learning from successful early-career academics and practitioners. Each virtual session will offer breakout discussions to help you network with panelists and other students.

Students must have passed comprehensive exams to be eligible to attend. Each program can nominate up to two student representatives. If you are interested, be sure to let your program chair know and/or indicate your interest via a form provided when registering for the 2021 SIOP Annual Conference. The registration fee for the Doctoral Consortium is $85. 

The Consortium will be held prior to the beginning of the annual conference. Find the complete schedule here.

If you have questions, contact Emily Hunter or Elliott Larson.

Early Career Faculty Consortium
The last day to register is March 23.

  • Do you work, or want to work, in a psychology or management department?
  • Have you successfully proposed your dissertation?
  • Are you seeking insights from experienced faculty?

Join us for the Early Career Faculty Consortium. The discussions will be 100% virtual and will be conducted prior to the beginning of the 2021 SIOP Annual Conference.

The 2021 Early Career Faculty Consortium will focus on:

  • mentoring and the art of successful teaching
  • using startup funds and data-collection strategies 
  • generating and evaluating new research ideas,
  • surviving and thriving through the tenure-and-promotion process. 

This year will also feature a virtual happy hour with fellow attendees. These sessions will include distinguished teachers, faculty who have recently gone through the tenure-and-promotion process, and faculty who have successful mentoring relationships. 

Because the success of the Early Career Faculty Consortium comes from interactive sessions with invited speakers, attendees are encouraged to prepare questions prior to attending. Many attendees choose to attend the consortium multiple times to capitalize on new programming and information presented in subsequent years.

Anyone who has proposed their dissertation, is seeking an academic position for the fall 2021 term, or who has recently obtained an academic position is eligible to participate. The registration fee for the Early Career Faculty Consortium is $150. Spots are limited; registration for this consortium is available when registering for the annual conference, so register early. 

Find the complete schedule here.

If you have questions, contact Megan Nolan or Andrea Hetrick.

Masters Consortium
The last day to register is March 7.

Would you like to meet I-O practitioners from organizations like Google, Hogan, Comcast, and the federal government? If you are a current student in a master’s degree program and want to learn more about career options and networking with fellow students and I-O professionals, make sure to add the Masters Consortium to your preconference agenda! The Masters Consortium is a development and networking event that includes a diverse set of master’s level I-O professionals who offer unique perspectives on the opportunities and challenges faced by I-O practitioners today. Speakers will focus on the key developmental experiences that can lay the groundwork for a successful career in I-O psychology with a master’s degree, including topics like

  • Mastering the Assessment Realm
  • Using data analytics and visualization techniques to drive change in organizations
  • Career options with an I-O master’s degree
  • Salary negotiation

Any student in a master's program may register for the consortium on the 2021 SIOP Annual Conference registration form.

The consortium is highly participative and includes formal presentations by I-O practitioners, Q&A with our speakers, informal virtual networking opportunities with students from master’s programs across the country, and so much more! Our already impressive list of speakers for 2021 includes:

  • Dalyn Allen, MS, Associate Consultant at DCI Consulting Group, Inc.
  • Tyra Gray, MA, Senior HR Business Partner at Samsung Electronics America
  • Destiny Mercado, MA, Personnel Research Psychologist at U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • Rachel Reichman, MA, Certification Exam Development Manager at Google
  • Cody Warren, MA, Talent Analytics Consultant at Hogan Assessment Systems

The registration fee for the Masters Consortium is $85. The virtual consortium will be conducted prior to the beginning of the 2021 SIOP Annual Conference. Find the complete schedule here.

If you have questions, contact Matisha Montgomery or Christopher Rosett.

Early Career Practitioner Consortium
The last day to register is April 2.

  • Are you interested in how to set yourself up for career success?
  • Are you interested in spring boarding your career in a virtual environment?
  • Do you want to connect and receive mentoring from successful I-O practitioners?
  • Join us for SIOP’s Early Career Practitioner Consortium.

SIOP's Early Career Practitioner Consortium (ECPC) is a one-day career development experience for early career I-O professionals who work in non-academic settings. This day is designed to help you uncover strengths and career opportunities, and design a career plan to achieve your goals. You must be within 5 years post-degree (PhD or terminal Masters) to participate. Participation is limited to 40 practitioners. The registration fee for the Early Career Practitioner Consortium is $150.

What’s the experience like?

  • Keynote presentation on creating a career plan that places your well-being at the center.
  • Receive guidance on common challenges faced when starting a career in the virtual working world.
  • Interact with seasoned I-O practitioners in mentoring and panel conversations.
  • Explore career trajectories through networking and peer coaching in small groups.

In addition, there will be ample opportunity to network with fellow participants and mentors. The ECPC is here to start an ongoing conversation among I-O practitioners through the SIOP conference. It will be held on Friday, April 9, in a 100% virtual format. Sign up for the Early Career Practitioner Consortium in two places: first on the 2021 SIOP Annual Conference registration form and second, submit this separate application today!

Find the complete schedule here.

If you have questions, contact Rob Stewart or Stephanie Murphy.

How Do I Register for Consortia?
You can register directly for the Early Career Faculty, Early Career Practitioner, and the Masters Consortia at the same time you register for the annual conference. If you are interested in the Doctoral Consortium, indicate your interest for it using the link found on the conference registration page. In addition, you will need to connect with your program director to determine if institutional support may be provided for your registration fee.

When will the consortia be held this year?
Each track is 100% virtual this year, but the dates vary. Check the Consortia webpage for details about when the sessions will be held and who the presenters will be.

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