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Medtronic Chief Human Resources Officer Carol Surface has been named a 2020 National Academy of Human Resources Fellow (NAHR) and was inducted during a virtual gala on November 5. This honor is considered one of the most prestigious bestowed to HR leaders for their overall achievements and contributions to the advancement of HR.



Tammy D. Allen, University of South Florida, was named a 2020 AAAS Fellow for distinguished contributions to the field of psychology, particularly pioneering advancements in the nascent area of work-family interface, and developing theories, methodologies and tools.








Susan Mohammed, Nathan Bowling, Richard Landers, Peter HarmsTara Behrend, and Christopher Barnes have been named Fellows in the Association for Psychological Science. These APS Fellows become part of a distinguished group of peers whose work has influenced the field of psychological science in important and lasting ways.



Vanessa Barros has just published Don’t Mess With My Professionalism! with foreword by Nobel Peace Prize winner O. Bouchamaoui. The book was recently picked as a top recommendation in the Harvard Business Publishing Education section.





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