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Membership Milestones

Jayne Tegge

New Sterling Circle Members
Caryn Block
Amy Conn
Guillermo Wated
George Yancey
David Youssefnia

New Pathway Member (upgraded from Associate)
Lorraine Dawson

I so enjoy being on the SIOP Membership Committee. It's a great way to see the wide variety of people who value our organization and are helping us pursue our collective mission.

Maura Mills  
Associate Professor  
SIOP Member since 2008 


New Professional Members

Lindsay Beers
Sora Jun
Jennifer Purdom
Shuang Ren
Simone Jacobi
Catherine Petrick
Joseph Griffith
Joel Bennett
Mahdieh Hajjar-Nejad
Russell Fitzpatrick
Darrien Batiste
Angela Russell
Rachel Herrick
Danyelle Johnson
Awaz Ahmed
Ariana Cunningham
Lisa Teegarden
Denise Tennant
Amy Emerson
Verena Haun
Sunni Lampasso

Rosa Salas
Christina Potvin
Leroy Simpson
William Vernon
Jill Sparacio
Jamie Smith
Regina Ogunsuyi
Vladimirk Klinksik
Lisa Hughes
Curt Bonafiglia
Abbe Warren
Natasha Winkler-Titus
Aaron Hill
Abhishek Sharma
Landyn Prescott-Miles
Dongseop Lee
Arik Cheshin
Sarah Coley
Roya Bauman
Ellen Peeters
Irina Mikhailova

Alina Gerlach
Brady Firth
Yanran Fang
Juanita Anderson
Maria Kakarika
Lakshmi Narayanan
Deanna Banks
Mayuri Duggirala
Ashley Wiscovitch
Albi Alikaj
Shanker Menon
Ho Shun Tse
Maureen Metcalf
Glenn Rupert
Josh White
Teresa Matos
Farja Lamia
Tamar Balkin
Sierra Lee
Emma Scalero
Lauren Hayano






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