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Election Results for the 2021 Fiscal Year

Four distinguished SIOP members will take their positions on the SIOP Executive Board in April, following the annual elections conducted November 2 to December 1. Volunteer service on the board is a hallmark of dedication and service to the profession, as well as an honor bestowed by colleagues. The newly elected officers are:

  • Mo Wang – President-Elect
  • Eric D. Heggestad – Financial Officer/Secretary
  • Tiffany R. Poeppelman – Membership Services Officer
  • Reeshad Dalal – Publications Officer

More information about the new officers, including brief bios and summaries of their candidate goal statements, follows.

SIOP thanks all candidates for their willingness to serve and the members who voted in the election for their engagement. As SIOP President Georgia Chao (FY 2020-21) observed in her President's Message, member participation in SIOP programs and initiatives keeps the society moving forward, serving members internally and advocating for I-O psychology externally, to make the world a better place.

Steven Rogelberg, president-elect for FY 2020-21 and Election Committee chair, oversaw the election process. “I could not be more pleased with the near record voter turnout in this past election,” he said. “I am just incredibly grateful to be part of this highly engaged community of I-O professionals.”

President-Elect Mo Wang (FY 2021-22)

Mo Wang, PhD, is professor and Lanzillotti-McKethan Eminent Scholar Chair at the University of Florida and a Fellow of SIOP, APA, and APS. He has served SIOP in elected and non-elected roles, including Membership Committee chair, Membership Services Portfolio officer, and Publications Portfolio officer.

Dr. Wang is the founding editor for Work, Aging and Retirement and has served as an associate editor for the Journal of Applied Psychology and the director for the Science of Organizations Program at NSF. He consults with organizations and government agencies on numerous projects on personnel selection, performance management, leadership development, and vocational education.

His research focuses on older worker employment and retirement, occupational health psychology, human resource management, and quantitative methods. It pushes the envelope to advance the science of psychology applied to the workplace and informs the strategies for improving individual and organizational well-being and effectiveness. Dr. Wang’s work has yielded more than 200 scholarly publications and appeared in media outlets including BBC News, NPR, and The New York Times. Read more about Dr. Wang’s work on the University of Florida website.

In his candidate statement, Dr. Wang outlined goals for building a more open and inclusive membership base for the society; fostering more engaged and efficient communication between SIOP membership and external stakeholders; and diversifying SIOP’s income sources. Read his full statement on the SIOP Candidates page.

Financial Officer/Secretary Eric D. Heggestad

Eric D. Heggestad, PhD, is professor and chair of the Department of Psychological Science at UNC Charlotte and a SIOP Fellow. Previous volunteer roles within SIOP include serving on the executive board as the Membership Services Officer (2012-2015), the planning committee for the 2019 Leading Edge Consortium (Atlanta), and the SIOP Conference Committee (2009-2011).

Prior to joining UNC Charlotte, Dr. Heggestad was at Colorado State University and in practice roles at the U.S. Air Force and HumRRO. He has continued to work with companies as a private consultant and served on scientific advisory boards. He earned his PhD at the University of Minnesota.

As chair, Dr. Heggestad has successfully managed the UNC Charlotte Psychological Science Department budget within the complexities of the state system, working with his team to make important shifts in financial strategy that have directly benefited faculty. Read more about Dr. Heggestad’s work on the UNC Charlotte website.

In his candidate statement, Dr. Heggestad pledged to work with the leadership team to steward SIOP’s financial resources in a way that is consistent with the society’s mission, vision, values, and strategic plan, concentrating his efforts on helping the executive team make decisions with mindfulness of their financial implications; and on diversifying revenue streams. Read his full statement on the SIOP Candidates page.

Membership Services Officer Tiffany R. Poeppelman

Tiffany Poeppelman, MS is director of the Business Leadership Program at LinkedIn, where her work focuses on talent development and diversity in hiring and selection. She is a professional speaker to global audiences about learning technology, creating a culture of learning, and change management.

Her most recent role within SIOP is chair of the Membership Committee. She has also served as a TIP columnist for The Modern App and chair of the Electronic Communications Social Media Subcommittee. She was a recipient of the 2019 Presidential Scientist-Practitioner Award for her contributions to the field.

Ms. Poeppelman received her master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Northern Kentucky University, and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Bowling Green State University. She was among the first SIOP Associates to take the Associate to Member path in 2017.

She intends to leverage her unique learning background and experience guiding professionals through critical moments in their careers to add value for SIOP’s diverse members. Visit her LinkedIn profile to learn more about her work.

Ms. Poeppelman outlined three key goals for her tenure as Membership Services officer, including implementing a 2025 membership vision for SIOP, using data-driven evaluation to better understand member needs, and working to integrate member activities across the organization’s portfolio structure. Read her full statement on the SIOP Candidates page.

Publications Officer Reeshad Dalal

Reeshad Dalal, PhD, is a professor of I-O Psychology at George Mason University and a Fellow of SIOP and APS. He holds or has held several positions of responsibility at SIOP. He is currently the team lead for SIOP’s Defense & Security Advocacy Area and he previously chaired SIOP’s APS Committee.

Dr. Dalal has co-edited two books, including the SIOP Organizational Frontiers volume Judgement and Decision Making at Work, and has published 66 journal articles and book chapters. He is an incoming associate editor at the Journal of Business and Psychology; serves or has served on the editorial boards of the Journal of Applied Psychology, Academy of Management Journal, and Journal of Management; and has published in the IOP journal on several occasions. Dr. Dalal has received over $4M in research funding from the National Science Foundation, Army Research Institute, and Department of Homeland Security.

Dr. Dalal received his PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and has gained a wealth of experience relevant to the Publications Portfolio officer position through his administrative work at George Mason University, where he was formerly the chair of the Psychology Department and is currently on the Dean’s Senior Leadership Council. Learn more about his work at the George Mason University website.

Dr Dalal’s goals for his tenure, which he correlated with SIOP’s strategic plan in his candidate statement, include facilitating the publication of work that is timely and highly visible within and outside the profession; diversifying editorial teams to reflect a more representative set of perspectives; renegotiating or rebidding publisher contracts for more favorable terms; and supporting newly proposed publications if they are financially sustainable. Read his full statement on the SIOP Candidates page.

About the SIOP Voting Process

Each person elected must receive a majority of votes cast for that position. After each voting round, the candidate with the lowest number of votes is eliminated. If the voter's first choice receives the lowest number of votes, the vote is transferred to their second choice for the second round and so on until one candidate reaches the required quota.

SIOP values elections that are open and fair, values that reflect and amplify the positive culture of the profession. See the voting results here.

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