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CAPE Launches Professional Ethics Website

The Committee for the Advancement of Professional Ethics (CAPE) is pleased to announce the launch of the CAPE Professional Ethics website: https://0-www-siop-org.library.alliant.edu/Career-Center/Professional-Ethics. The website represents SIOP’s first dedicated center for ethics resources.

It includes resources to support students, academics, researchers, and practitioners in ethical sensitivity and decision making. Practitioners and researchers will find relevant articles, reference and journal lists, as well as other resources to inform ethical decision making. Instructors and trainers will find interactive games, course syllabi, and resources to facilitate ethics courses and programs.

CAPE invites SIOP members to visit the website and to share relevant ideas, tools, and resources to support this ongoing initiative. Be sure to check back often to access new resources as we continue to add to the website.  

About CAPE

CAPE assesses and supports professional development needs associated with addressing ethical challenges in the practice, research, and educator roles played by I-O psychologists. The committee serves the I-O profession by disseminating professional development resources; facilitating the professional discourse about ethical decision making; serving as a consultative resource for SIOP members; and through other professional activities. For questions about CAPE, please contact the chairperson, Dr. Deirdre Knapp.  

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