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Membership Milestones

Jayne Tegge

New Sterling Circle Members

Thank you for your 25 years of dedication to SIOP.

Gary Adams

Natalie Allen

Steven Allscheid

Laurie Buchanan

Zinta Byrne

Carrie Christianson DeMay

Yochi Cohen-Charash

Bart Craig

Deborah Danzis

Catherine Daus

Kristl Davison

Eric Day

Juergen Deller

Jennifer Dembowski

Jill Ellingson

Amir Erez

Anna Erickson

Alison Eyring

William Farmer

Joan Finegan

Michael Frese

Scott Goodman

Gerald Goodwin

Alicia Grandey

Mary Ann Hannigan

Renee Hansen

Michael Helford

Leng Dang (Karina) Hui-Walowitz

Steven Hunt

Donna Huska

Michael Keeney

Jenifer Kihm

Stephanie Klein

Christopher LeGrow

Tim McGonigle

Patrick McKay

Douglas Molitor

Scott Morris

David Morris

Mary Anne Nester

Fred Oswald

Shane Pittman

Alberto Ramirez

Sylvia Roch

Steven Rumery

Donald Scott

Carol Shoptaugh

Maura Stevenson

Joseph Stewart

Eric Surface

Eric Sydell

Peter Warr

Laura Wolfe

Amy Wrzesniewski

Michael Zottoli


In my first year as a graduate student, fellow SIOP member Michael Horvath encouraged me to join SIOP, and I have been a proud member for nearly 2 decades. With each passing year, I am impressed with our leadership, strategy and innovation within I-O psychology. I find SIOP membership professionally and personally rewarding on multiple levels. Professionally, I love the resources SIOP provides (e.g., white papers, TIP), along with the opportunities for engagement within the society at large and at our annual conference; I appreciate the focus on member support and alignment with the changing nature of our field. On a personal level, I enjoy the connections with colleagues both old and new. The annual conference feels like a reunion, which I look forward to as a point of renewed connection. That noted, my absolute favorite part of SIOP membership is celebrating contributions of colleagues - it’s always wonderful to see a grad school friend receive well-deserved recognition! I greatly value my SIOP membership, and I look forward to being a part of SIOP in the future.  - Jeannie Whinghter

New Professional Members

Welcome to SIOP!

Shivangi Agarwal

Nelly Avila

Kim Binsted

Pam Boney

Justin Bown

Ethan Burris

Yesenia Cancel

Benjamin Carpentier

Mo Chen

Jack Ting-Ju Chiang

Barbara Cole

Amy D'Agostino

Edna Davoudi

Kathryn Devon

Pablo Diego-Rosell

Ben-Roy Do

Ginevra Drinka

Emma Edoga

Emily Ferrise

Austin Fossey

Francine Frese

Michael Geden

Margaret Giddings

Lesley Hernandez

Sumedha Jaggi

Smriti Jain

Michelle Johnston

Sheila Keener

Aylin Koçak

David Krackhardt

Vedika Kuttanda

Dora Lau

Curt Lawhead

Mike Lehman

Zehra LeRoy

Franziska Leutner

John Lipinski

Holly Magunson

Alex Marbut

Jaquelyn Marcinak

Neema Mbonela

Tiffany McDowell

Courtney McMahon

Jeremy Meuser

Rebecca Nader

Deepti Namjoshi

Marvin Neumann

Colin O'Farrell

Matt Ohrt

Mary Onyejose

Evelyn Orr

Joon Hyung Park

Sandra Parsons

Sarvangi Patni

Eric Patton

Glo Pereira

Beatrice Piccoli

Yvette Prior

Edna Rabenu

Snigdha Rai

Karthiyayani Rajithkumar

Gunika Renjen

Reginald Richards

Matt Romond

Kristi Romuald

Claudia Rooman

Gema Ruiz de Huydobro

Abdulhafeez Salauddin

Monica Scamardo

Antje Schmitt

Payal Sharma

Matthew Sikorski

Andrew Slaughter

Austin Smith

Sarah Smith-Barry

Mary Starke

Tara Strakalaitis

Sarah Sullivan

Albana Telhai
Karishma Thakur

Shannon Thompson

Jennifer Thorpe-Moscon

Amber Tichenor

Joellyn (Joie) Townsend

Chou Yu Tsai

Nico Tschöpe

Wendelien van Eerde

Michelle Van Laethem

Asiyat Villalba

Mary Waller

Zheng Wang

Jeremy Winget

Thomas Zagenczyk

Maria Zapata Guerrero

Liwen Zhang

Petr Zusis




New Associate to Member Pathway Members


Adrian Buchner

John Furcon

Jared Riel

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