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Eden King

Hello SIOPers!

As we begin 2020 together, we can look back and be proud of our shared successes. I-O psychologists are making an impact on organizations, students, and society. SIOP as a professional organization is growing with regard to membership, conference attendance, and scope of activities.

Indeed, you don’t have to look further than the fantastic 2019 Leading Edge Consortium, led aptly by Doug Reynolds and John Scott, to find an example of such success. You could also ask about the persistent efforts of our representatives to the American Psychological Association (Steve Stark, Tammy Allen, Sara Weiner, and Jeff McHenry) to encourage recognition of applied psychology. The awesomeness of I-Os is also evident by the outstanding quality of applicants and winners recognized by the Awards Committee (chaired by the fabulous Kristen Shockley). Alex Alonso’s GREAT (Government Relations Advocacy Team) Committee is actively engaged in federal advocacy efforts. I could keep going; the list of efforts done by and for SIOP is truly astounding.

In addition to celebrating the past, the new decade also reminds us to think carefully, critically, and creatively about our future. To that end, the Executive Board will be engaging in renewed and focused conversation around our vision, goals, and objectives. Strategic planning will enable our organization to renew and maintain a positive course for our organization.

Let’s be honest: This whole thing is way outside my personal comfort zone. Yet, I genuinely believe it is a necessary and important step for charting a clear path forward. I am confident that #teamSIOP will work together effectively in this endeavor, and I look forward to sharing the content and outcomes of our discussion in the next column.

In the meantime, I hope that the new year is full of happiness for each of you!

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