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Call for Proposals: Organizational Frontiers Series

Kevin Murphy & Angelo DeNisi

Since 1983, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) has published a series of books as part of its Organizational Frontiers Series. The purpose of the series is to make scientific contributions to the field, by publishing books on the cutting edge of theory and practice in industrial and organizational psychology as well as related fields. The underlying goal of this series is to inform and stimulate research for SIOP members as well as scholars in related fields such as organizational behavior, human resource management, and labor and industrial relations, as well as scholars in other subdisciplines of psychology.

Past volumes have dealt with more traditional I-O psychology topics such as motivation, training and development, selection, and leadership, as well as research methods, negotiations, using big data, and discrimination; recent volumes have also dealt with diverse topics such as the self at work, politics at work, and autonomous learning.

We have just taken over the editorship of the series from Richard Klimoski, and we are looking for ideas for new Frontiers volumes. As we hope you can see, there is a wide variety of topics and issues that can be part of the series, and we are hoping to inform as broad an audience as possible, so new and different topics are really important for us to identify. 

Therefore, we are seeking ideas for future volumes. The topics should be of interest to organizational scholars, and they must be based on a body of research. But the volumes need to go far beyond simply reviewing what has been done in the past.  An important aspect of these volumes is to push scholars in new directions and to introduce them to new ideas and issues. There is a formal review process, but the first step is to simply contact us to let us know about your ideas. We can then provide feedback and potentially ask for a short prospectus which will be reviewed by the entire editorial board, before asking for a formal proposal leading to a contract.  The current editorial team consists of Hannes Zacher, Jing Zhou, Derek Avery, Jill Ellingson, Susan Jackson, Paul Sparrow, and Franco Fraccaroli. 

Please let either of us know (Kevin at krm10@me.com or Angelo at adenisi@tulane.edu) if you have any ideas for future volumes.  Thank you.

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