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Call for Nominations Nominate the Next Professional Practice Series Editor

SIOP is now soliciting nominations for the position of editor of the Professional Practice Series. The new series editor will be selected by the Publications Board and approved by the Executive Board. The selected series editor will begin working with Incumbent Editor Nancy Tippins, beginning December 2018, and assumes duty beginning April 1, 2019.

The series editor must be a SIOP Fellow or Member. Any SIOP Fellow or Member can nominate individuals for the editorship. Self-nominations are also welcome.


Professional Practice Series Description


The series is designed to provide industrial-organizational psychologists, organizational scientists and practitioners, human resource professionals, managers, executives, and those interested in organizational behavior and performance with volumes that are insightful, current, informative, and relevant to best organizational practice. The series volumes are guided by five tenets designed to enhance future organizational practice:

1.      Focus on practice, but grounded in science.

2.      Translate organizational science into practice by generating guidelines, principles, and lessons learned that can shape and guide practice.

3.      Showcase the application of industrial-organizational psychology to solve problems.

4.      Document and demonstrate best industrial and organizational practices.

5.      Stimulate research needed to guide future organizational practice.

The series volumes seek to inform those interested in practice with guidance, insights, and advice on how to apply the concepts, findings, methods, and tools derived from research in industrial-organizational psychology to solve organizational and human resource related problems.

Each volume is focused on one important theme or element of I-O practice and is usually composed of 10–15 separately authored chapters related to the overall theme of the volume. The chapter authors are solicited and selected by the volume editor(s) in consultation with the series editor and the series editorial board. The final selection of authors and the editorial quality of the chapters is the responsibility of the volume editor(s) who may seek consultation with the series editor as they see fit. The intent is to publish approximately one new volume each year.

Position Description


The series editor is appointed to a 5-year term and is responsible for managing the production of series volumes, including identifying and soliciting volume editors and ideas, and assisting volume editors with identifying chapter authors and ensuring chapter quality, as needed. The series editor is assisted by a series editorial board, which is assembled by the series editor in consultation with the SIOP Publication Board.


Requirements for Series Editor


It is highly desirable that series editors be experienced practitioners. Practitioners would include I-O psychologists in academic or applied research organization positions for whom applied practice is a substantial component of their position. That is, university faculty who devote virtually all of their time to teaching, research, and service would typically not be recruited as a series editor, unless their academic appointment was recent and they had substantial practice experience in a previous position. Beyond being expert in particular areas of practice, the series editor should also have a broad perspective of I-O psychology, including both its scientific base and the full spectrum of applications.

Information for Nominees


On average the series editor devotes approximately half a day per week to his/her editorial responsibilities, although the actual time spent in any given week is highly variable.

The most time-intensive aspects of the series editor position are the identification and recruitment of the individual volume editors and the identification and recruitment of the appropriate chapter authors. Potential volume editors can be solicited and recruited in many ways (e.g. issuing a call for ideas and proposals for a volume), and it is the series editor’s responsibility to use all available means. The editorial quality of a specific volume is the primary responsibility of the volume editor, with advice and consultation from the series editor.

Other demands include helping to advertise and market the series (e.g. suggesting advertising copy) and meeting with editorial board members and volume editors at SIOP, or at other conferences.

Nomination and Application Information


If you are interested in serving as series editor, or if you know someone who might, submit your nomination via email by August 24, 2018 to Mark Poteet (mlpoteet@verizon.net). Nominations need only be a brief letter announcing the intention to nominate. Only those individuals nominated by this date will be able to submit application materials.


All nominated individuals should submit their application package by September 28, 2018 to Mark Poteet (mlpoteet@verizon.net). Each application package should include electronic versions of a current CV, a statement that describes the nominee’s vision for the Professional Practice Series, and three letters of recommendation from SIOP Fellows or Members.


SIOP Publications Board

Mark Poteet (Professional Practice Series Editor Selection Committee Chair)

Richard Klimoski

Steve Kozlowski

Ron Landis

Neal Schmitt

Nancy Tippins

Mo Wang


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