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Membership Milestones

Jayne Tegge, Membership Services Specialist

Members are the heart and soul of SIOP and are greatly appreciated for their interest and contributions. An impressive list of distinguished members has been with the Society for 25 years or more. To recognize the contributions and loyalty of these dedicated members, SIOP has developed an initiative called the Sterling Circle. Sterling Circle members are honored in several ways and can be identified at SIOP events with a special ribbon on their badges. Learn more about the Sterling Circle here.

Following is a list of SIOP’s newest Sterling Circle Members.* See the complete list on the SIOP website!

Ted Axton

Talya Bauer

Wayne Baughman

Richard Boyatzis

Kenneth Brown

Steven Brown

Michelle Collins-Rodrigues

Cathy L. DuBois

Helene Felber

Monty Grubb

Richard Perlow

John Janz

Wayne McCullough

Joseph Montgomery

John Renner

William Ross

Henry Sims

Pamela Skyrme

M. Susan Taylor

James Thacker

Jeff Weekley

Laurie Weingart

Stephen Zaccaro


In my Penn State office I keep a copy of the very first SIOP conference program from Chicago, April 10-11, 1986.  It is modest, only 16 pages of listed talks on 8 X 11.5 folded stock, more like a big brochure when compared to the modern day volume.  I attended and was a discussant on a symposium but what is most memorable about those couple of days more than 30 years ago was the spirit of excitement for our new venture and the bringing together of so many colleagues who have become good friends over all those years.  What is special about SIOP is just that, your colleagues are your friends whether you see them regularly at your office or if the time together is only annual, wherever the conference convenes.  SIOP is truly a society that works because people care about each other.  Older members mentor newer members.  Those with experience in a specific area are eager to share their knowledge with others.  As a group we are generous with our time, expertise and funding.  In Judaism there is a concept, "l'dor vador," which literally translates "from generation to generation."  To me SIOP is about actively passing on what we know and what we do to keep learning, to keep growing, and to keep our traditions alive.

Rick Jacobs, PhD
Professor of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts
Distinguished Honors Faculty, Schreyer Honors College
Senior Fellow, Justice & Safety Institute
Penn State University
Chief Executive Officer, EB Jacobs


New Members

The life blood of any organization lies in attracting new members who bring a special enthusiasm and interest. Membership in SIOP is growing, and we take great pleasure in welcoming our newest members. They comprise a wonderful mix of former Student Affiliates upgrading to full membership and professionals, including those who previously were Associate members and International Affiliates. SIOP looks forward to these new members’ participation on committees and conferences as they experience the value of membership in the premier organization for industrial and organizational psychologists.

Following is a list of SIOP’s newest professional members*:

Elissa Abod

Jacqueline Ackerman

Vincetta Baker

Sathi Banerjee

Sydney Barcus

Steve Bennetts

Rebecca Boedges

Anton Botha

Kara Breda

Matthew Burgard

Lisa Burke-Smalley

Ronald Burt

Krista Chaney

Kevin Chaney

Dz Lyang Chen

Linda Coto

Gerard Cox

Casey Croslin

Wendy Custer

Graeme Ditchburn

Gary Flaxman

Ashley Franklin

Brynn Freeman

Michele Fry

Jonathan Gale

Breanne Harris

Walker Hilton

Brianna Hovanec

Regina Hughes

Ludmila Hyman

Kijana Jackson

Erik Jameson

Eric Jones

Jasmien Khattab

Michael Kopac

Woody Lacava

Jasmine Langevine

Marley Marcinczyk

Michelle Martinez

Zoe Masten

Laura Mattimore

Erica Moore

Kyle Moses

Andrew Neal

Michael North

Afife Ok

Carlos Onate

Olufunke Owolabi

Ronald Pankratz

Kenny Parker

Patricia Perryman

Sherry Quinn

Aly Quinn

Mary-Clare Race

Johanna Rådeström

Miranda Ralston

Simon Restubog

Emanuel Schreiner

Katherine Serfling

Neesha Seth

Sophia Siambekos Weibel

Mara Simensen

Madelynn Stackhouse

Magnus Stalby

Michael Stivers

Chihwei Su

Diane Talley

Laura Tate

Edwin Trouba

Timothy Upsdell

Katie Vitiello

Mark Walztoni

Will Zern



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