Annual Conference FAQs





SIOP Annual Conference FAQs

Our goal is to make the following FAQ as thorough and up to date as possible; please use this resource as questions arise in your planning process.


What factors influenced the decision to cancel in-person events?

Although multiple COVID-19 vaccines are now or soon will be available, the pandemic is continuing to surge in daily deaths, hospitalizations, and case counts, including in New Orleans. The most likely scenario is that COVID-19 will continue to notably impact public health and travel well into 2021.


The City of New Orleans, which had been moving to progressively lighter restrictions on mass gatherings, moved back from Phase 3 to Phase 1 reopening protocols in January. As the pandemic impacts change, the city may move back and forth among phases through the winter and spring, making conditions in April unpredictable. Details can be tracked here.


The Conference Committee’s Guiding Principles include responsiveness to the external environment and respect of member needs and preferences. Collecting presenter preference information about in-person and virtual sessions has been an integral part of the Program Committee’s collaborative planning process. 


Although in October nearly 70 percent of submitters indicated that they could present in person in April, that number has now dropped to less than 10 percent.


The decision to cancel the in-person format (sessions and events) this spring is congruent with SIOP’s recently reaffirmed mission, vision, and values and the refreshed strategic plan. The shift to an all-virtual conference allows greater opportunity for members to participate in inclusive and collegial dialogue about how SIOP and I-O psychology can enhance human well-being at work during the ongoing public health crisis. The decision also provides sound stewardship of the human and financial resources necessary to support SIOP’s work to elevate the profession and address challenges in the world of work.


The Hilton New Orleans Riverside has been partnering with SIOP Annual Conference organizers in finding a path through the complexities presented by the health crisis. SIOP leaders are appreciative for the hotel’s efforts to date to prepare to host our event, and their current dialogue to instead welcome SIOP back to the city of New Orleans in a future year. More will be shared when details are known.


When will the 2021 Annual Conference be held?
The all-virtual format allows for an expanded “SIOP Season” that begins in March with preconference workshops, practitioner mentoring sessions, consortia, and more. Live synchronous and asynchronous sessions and events will continue through April with most offerings concentrated during Conference Week (April 14-17). Sessions and events then continue, culminating with the last Friday Seminar on May 7. Find a schedule summary for SIOP Season here.


What is the format for the 2021 Annual Conference?

The 36th SIOP Annual Conference will be an all-virtual format that includes both live synchronous elements (e.g., sessions, interactive posters, plenaries, receptions, interactive breaks) as well as asynchronous sessions that will be accessible via Whova until May 7.  


What happens to my registration if I already registered for the in-person event?

Any existing registrations for in-person participation will be rolled over to virtual participation.


Can I get a refund if I already registered for the in-person format?

Yes, any in-person registrants desiring a refund can send their request to Jamie Keblesh at


What will happen to my hotel reservation at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside?
If you booked your guest room within the official SIOP block, your reservation will be automatically cancelled. If you booked a room at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside “outside” the official SIOP block for (e.g., via, you will need to contact the hotel or reservation site directly.


What is the registration fee?

Registration rates can be found here.


When will we be able to register?

Conference registration is now open.


Do I have to be a member to register?

SIOP members receive a discounted registration, but all are welcome and membership is not required.


Do I have to register for the SIOP Annual Conference to attend a conference event?
Yes, the Preconference Workshops, Friday Seminars, Advanced Professional Development, Consortia, Fun Run, Conference Career Center, and even complimentary events like Speed Mentoring are part of the SIOP Season offering for conference registrants, for which a main conference registration is required.

What was the process for determining conference submissions acceptance?

With over 1000 submissions, the cutoff score for acceptance was set to ensure the same level of quality as in previous years, so many sessions were not accepted. 


What is the process for determining conference session delivery format live synchronous vs asynchronous)?

The live synchronous program was built taking the below characteristics into account: 


  • Ensuring a mix of sessions that indicated they were mostly relevant for Practitioners and Academics
  • Attempting to have a variety of different session types (e.g., alternative, Ignite, debate) and a balance of Panel Discussions and Symposia
  • Including a wide variety of topic areas (e.g., global/international, inclusion, coaching)
  • Prioritizing sessions on the grid that require a high level of audience participation

We have currently developed preliminary slotting for every accepted session. Find a tentative schedule summary here.


How long will the educational sessions be available after Conference Week?

Conference Week encompasses the original dates of the in-person offerings, featuring a rich array of educational programming over 3.5 days (April 14-17) that includes educational as well as networking and other events that have occurred at SIOP conferences in the past.


Live/synchronous and pre-recorded/asynchronous content will be available for all conference registrants to access starting on Wednesday, April 14 through Friday, May 7, 2021. Most of the live synchronous sessions will be recorded and posted to Whova to allow those unable to attend live to view the content through May 7. 


Will SIOP content be available for additional purchase in-full or on a session-by-session basis after May 7?
SIOP is considering options but there are no finalized plans for such an offering at this time. We encourage anyone with an interest in accessing our large volume of high-quality conference content to become a SIOP conference registrant and enjoy both the live programming and asynchronous programming available from April 14-May 7.

What technology will be used during the conference?

Three technologies will be used during the conference. You can learn more at How to Conference.


What will live synchronous sessions look like?

Approximately 150 live synchronous sessions will be accessible via Whova April 15-17. The live synchronous sessions will be presented on SIOP sponsored Zoom accounts and supported by SIOP volunteer Zoom Technical Coordinators to ensure successful sessions. Many of the live synchronous sessions will be recorded to allow those unable to attend live to view the recorded sessions and participate in the conversation through the Whova community message boards through May 7. Find the tentative list of live synchronous sessions and events here.


What will asynchronous sessions look like?

Approximately 150 asynchronous (pre-recorded) sessions will be accessible via Whova between April 14 and May 7. Presentations will be organized into tracks (e.g., Inclusion, Selection/Assessment, COVID, Health/Safety) to help registrants easily filter and identify sessions of interest.  Find the list of the asynchronous sessions organized by track here.


What will interactive posters look like?

Eighteen (18) interactive poster sessions will be delivered on Wednesday, April 14 utilizing a virtual presentation technology that simulates an in-person poster event . Click here to learn more about this format. Click here for a self-guided tour to learn more about this interactive technology. Detailed information on how to access and optimize your experience using this technology will be released by April 1. Find the list of the poster sessions organized by track here.


What will Workshops, Consortia, and the Conference Career Center (formerly Placement Center) look like?

Follow these links to learn more: Preconference Workshops, Advanced Professional Development, Consortia, Conference Career Center.

What will the Opening Plenary look like?

The live synchronous sessions open Thursday morning with SIOP’s highest awards and introductions to the newest SIOP Fellows. This event will feature Georgia Chao’s Presidential Address with reflections on her theme, Moving Forward, following a must-see introduction by the incoming president, Steven Rogelberg.


What will the Closing Plenary and Reception look like?

Find up-to-date information on the Plenaries & Closing Event webpage.


Do you have lists of sessions in any specific topics?

Are there networking events?

For more information about networking, please visit this page.


Will there be a Frank Landy 5K Fun Run this year even though we aren’t gathering in person?

Yes, we are excited to still offer this well-loved SIOP Annual Conference event from whichever streets, trails, or treadmills you most enjoy. Visit the Fun Run webpage for details.


How can I offer feedback or ask a specific question?                                                

We invite you to share your questions, concerns, and creative suggestions to make the 2021 conference a success by emailing us at