How To Conference





How To Conference

Technology for the All-Virtual Format


Get Whova Now

Whova, SIOP’s primary conference platform and the access point for all conference content – educational programming and networking opportunities (receptions, socials) can be accessed beginning the morning of April 14 via web browser or the app, which is free to event attendees. You will need to sign into Whova to access any and all Conference Week offerings. You must sign into Whova with the email address you used for SIOP conference registration (other email addresses will not provide access).

Whova includes a Community Board that opens on Wednesday, April 14 and can enhance the ease of networking by allowing you to initiate and/or join meetups, and engage in live or asynchronous discussion throughout the conference, closing on May 7.

The following sets of program content will be available in Whova:

  •  Asynchronous/prerecorded sessions: Available in the “Asynchronous” menu on the left side of Whova.
  •  Posters: All Posters will be listed on the Whova Agenda on Wednesday, April 14, within 17 separate poster sessions. Poster files are available in Whova, and you can click on the Virtual Chair link within each poster session to join the live   poster session at the designated time to meet with poster presenters live.
  •  Live Session: All Live sessions will be listed on the Whova agenda on Thursday, April 15, through Saturday, April 17. You can click into any session of interest during the designated time to view a live presentation of the content.   Additionally, many sessions will be recorded and uploaded for later viewing (also accessible within the agenda when you click on the session name).

Click here for Whova’s event app written and video tutorial.

View our guide to Whova.

Whova Technical Troubleshooting Tips.

Watch the SIOP Quickstart to Whova video:

Zoom and Virtual Chair

Two other technologies will be supported by SIOP during Conference Week and accessed via Whova: Zoom and Virtual Chair. See below for brief overviews. It is encouraged to explore these resources, but please know that detailed information and video guides will be available soon so that you may make the most of the conference.

Zoom will be used for all Synchronous (live) Sessions and Interactive Breaks. You will access Zoom by clicking on the session name in Whova that you would like to attend. Zoom’s platform allows a “frictionless environment” using video, voice, content sharing, and chat. Most everyone is likely familiar with Zoom, however, there are robust training materials available here.

To view subtitles in Zoom, click the “CC-Live Transcript” button at the bottom of the screen and then click “Show Subtitle."

Virtual Chair
Virtual Chair is a new virtual conference service with powerful interactive functionality, hosting a New-Orleans themed venue just for SIOP that will house Live Posters as well as events (e.g., Top 10 Trends Roundtable, affiliate receptions) and entertainment (e.g., SIOP in NOLA Squares, French Quarter Virtual Tour). Virtual Chair allows you to freely navigate the virtual venue with your personally created avatar. As you navigate the space autonomously, you are able to approach other people’s avatars to interact using audio and/or video with individuals or groups of your choosing. Click here for demo video and a self-guided tour.  If you need help using Virtual Chair during the conference, these tips for navigation and troubleshooting may help. 

Virtual Chair Mini Map

SIOP Virtual Chair Mini Map
Click image for full-size Virtual Chair Map in new tab.


Additionally, a help desk will be available during Conference Week that can be accessed through any of the following methods:

  • Email
  • Call 419-353-0032 and press “0”
  • Post your question in the “Ask Organizers Anything” section in Whova
  • Approach the help desk in Virtual Chair and speak with one of their Virtual Attendants