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Ariel Ellis

Call for Special Issue Proposals

The Industrial and Organizational Psychology journal will continue to feature focal articles and commentaries but will also broaden its focus. Accordingly, the journal is currently soliciting proposals for special issues that address content, method, or other thematic topics.

Proposals for special issues should be submitted to the Editor, Tori Howes (, by November 1, 2023, containing the following information:

  • Proposed topic and approach
  • Rationale and potential contribution to science and practice in, and beyond, industrial and organizational psychology
  • Proposed timeline (e.g., proposed deadline for manuscript submissions and anticipated turnaround time for editorial decisions) and any special review criteria (beyond those typically seen for such submissions)

Proposals should be no more than 3 double-spaced pages in length and should be accompanied by a 1-page summary of the special issue guest editors' qualifications and editorial experiences.

Proposals will be reviewed for fit with the journal, editorial qualifications, potential contributions to the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology's strategic goals and more generally to the science and practice of industrial and organizational psychology, potential contributions beyond industrial and organizational psychology, and the feasibility of generating high-quality submissions. 

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