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Ariel Ellis
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Systematic Review of the Basic Income and Related Social Safety Nets

Hello, I am conducting a systematic review of research around the basic income and other similar social safety policies. I am carrying out this project with the aim of furthering our field’s knowledge and contribution in this area, consistent with the work of Hüffmeier and Zacher (2021) in their IOP review: The basic income: Initiating the needed discussion in industrial, work, and organizational psychology

I am seeking contributions of primary quantitative or qualitative research in organizational science that examines relevant outcomes surrounding organizational or psychological phenomena in the context of these policies.

I am including studies with diverse methodologies, so policy capturing, laboratory and field experiments, and research using variations of “the lottery question” are welcomed.

I would greatly appreciate it if relevant research could be sent to by July 31st, 2023.

Further information about the systematic review can be found at

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