Health and Safety

Health and Safety

We look forward to welcoming SIOP conference attendees to Boston!

We continue to keep health and safety considerations top of mind, monitoring and adjusting plans according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization recommendations, governmental, public health, and venue regulations and recommendations as they pertain to COVID-19.

Please note that all in-person registrants, by the nature of their participation in the meeting in Boston, agree to the health and safety waiver and assumption of risk.

SIOP takes the health and safety of our conference attendees seriously. We encourage all who plan to join us in Boston to consider taking the following steps:

  • Prior to arriving in Boston, obtain the most up to date Covid-19 vaccination or booster(s) available.
  • Test before traveling, or while onsite at the conference.
  • Wear a mask. This is especially encouraged if the CDC Covid Community Level in Boston is at “High”. Prior to traveling to Boston, check this level here (look up Suffolk County, MA):
  • If you have Covid, cold, or flu symptoms while at the conference, please stay in your hotel room and do not enter the conference facility to avoid the spread of illness.

At the current time, we do not plan to require Covid vaccination or testing or to operate a daily symptom questionnaire that needs to be shown at the door for entry.

We will again be offering different colored lanyards to help signal individual level comfort with physical closeness and interaction. We will also have first aid available and guidance regarding how to acquire Covid testing or other medical services.

Finally, we are evaluating session room sets to determine whether there will be an opportunity to provide seating buffers for those who would like more physical distance from fellow attendees.

All SIOP registrants should also expect to agree to and abide by the SIOP Anti-Harassment policy to help ensure a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all attendees. Ombuds are available for consultation as needed. More details on the Anti-Harassment page.


A Special Note for Presenters

The City of Boston Fire Code requires individuals leading room seminars, general sessions, and ballroom events to make an audible announcement prior to the start of each program or performance, notifying occupants of the locations of the exits to be used in case of a fire or other emergency. An information sheet will be provided to assist presenters in complying with this regulation. Please make a note in your script to include this announcement at the beginning of your presentation.

Security Screenings

The Hynes Convention Center has safety practices that includes mandatory perimeter security screening. The facility uses a new touchless screening technology called Evolv. Evolv has replaced the traditional magnetometers and is much more efficient. Attendees will walk through the device with all of their belongings. If there is an alarm, the attendee’s bag or handheld possessions will be subject to search.