SIOP 2021 Annual Conference | Speed Mentoring - Science





Speed Mentoring for Creating Scientific Impact

The SIOP Scientific Affairs Committee is delighted to welcome interested SIOP members attending the 2021 SIOP Annual Conference to participate as protégés and interact with accomplished mentors at its annual “Speed Mentoring” special event on Thursday, April 8, 2021, 4:30-6 p.m. CT via Zoom.

This year’s event will focus on a variety of topics related to creating scientific impact. This event complements several other conference events focused on improving science advocacy by providing SIOP members with information and resources to help them enhance the impact of their scientific work. To participate you must be a SIOP member of any type, including Student Affiliates.


About Speed Mentoring

  •  Protégés that sign up for this special event will get the opportunity to engage in 2 consecutive 30-minute small group discussions guided by leading experts in the field.
  •  This event is an excellent opportunity for participants to network and seek advice from experienced mentors on a variety of topics relevant to creating scientific impact.

How to Participate

  •  Spots are limited! If you would like to participate as a protégé, please reserve your space by registering here
  •  Registration will remain open through March 31st or until all available spots have been taken.
  •  We will do our best to align protégés to their topics of greatest interest. However, topics will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

This Year's Topics

  •  Generating impactful research ideas
  •  Developing cross-disciplinary partnerships and collaborations
  •  Using social media and other tools to increase the visibility of your research
  •  Translating research for different audiences (e.g., practitioners, general public)
  •  Strategies for securing research funding
  •  Leveraging big data in research
  •  Collaborating with consulting firms and organizations on research
  •  Ensuring the scientific integrity of your research

If you have any questions about the SIOP Speed Mentoring for Creating Scientific Impact event, please contact Amanda Thayer at