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Tara S. Behrend

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My undergraduate mentor, Richard Moreland, recently passed away. Dick was not an I-O psychologist—as he put it, he was a social psychologist who liked to dabble in I-O. His work in the area of team processes and newcomer socialization is hugely influential in the social sciences and has been recognized by every major honor and award imaginable. To me, though, Dr. Moreland was an incredibly generous and devoted teacher, and a kind and gentle person. I had no idea how famous he was when I wandered into his office in 2002, looking for research experience. He set me up with a project, coding interviews about recruitment source effects. As he explained, there were two possible explanations for why word-of-mouth recruitment worked better than formal recruitment. It was a puzzle—and I got to help figure out the solution! I threw myself into the task. At the end of the semester, we analyzed the results together (using Minitab, no less) and made a poster. I remember that it was late into the night on a Sunday before he was satisfied that the margins on the poster looked good enough for me to present at our department’s research fair. Because this was before the days when Microsoft would automatically justify your margins for you, we had to use trial-and-error, adding or shortening words until they all lined up just right.



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