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International Students in I-O Psychology: Sharing Experiences and Providing Support

Xinyu (Judy) Hu and Alecia Santuzzi, Northern Illinois University; Sharon Glazer, University of Baltimore; Seulki Jang, University of Oklahoma; Marcus Dickson, Wayne State University; Elsheba Abraham, Virginia Tech; Bisi Atoba, Texas A&M University; Jessica Chackoria, DePaul University; Claudia Marina Della Pona, Roosevelt University; Nathan Iverson, California Baptist University; Ashley Soohyun Lee, Baruch College; Susana Gomez Ornelas, Roosevelt University; Kareem Panton, Hofstra University; and Lorena Solis, University of Calgary

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An International Perspective on Changes in Work Due to COVID-19

Sharon Glazer, The University of Baltimore; Chet Robie, Wilfrid Laurier University; Catherine T. Kwantes, University of Windsor; Mahima Saxena, Ronin Institute for Independent Scholarship; Sachin Jain, PepsiCo; Gonzalo Munoz, California Baptist University; with support from the Members of the SIOP International Affairs Committee

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