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10 Fun Facts About SIOP’s Members From 2020!

Victoria Lykins, SIOP Membership Committee Communications

Throughout the year, the SIOP Membership Committee conducts analyses on the data collected through membership surveys and member profiles. This information is used to track membership trends that inform decisions about member benefits, investment areas, and SIOP events such as future conference sites. As we look to the future, our aim is to collect more data to build location specific networking events, help inform diversity and inclusion (D&I) campaigns, identify student member hubs, and identify potential I-O job hubs.

To clarify, the term members encompasses all membership types in SIOP (Member, Associate, Student Affiliate, Fellow, and Retired) and the term Member encompasses individuals who hold a doctoral degree or Associates who upgraded to Member after meeting a few other criteria, which can be found here.

As we look back on our findings from last year, we wanted to share 10 fun facts we collected based on membership data in 2020.

Enjoy these top 10 fun facts of 2020! 

Interested in more fun stats? Let your voice be heard and help shape the future of SIOP!

This month you will receive an email request to complete the SIOP Membership Survey. This survey is only conducted once every 3 years, so make sure your voice is heard. This is your chance to contribute to the SIOP value proposition and to improve the member experience. When you receive the email request, please take the time (under 20 minutes) to respond. If everyone participates, we will have even more great membership data trends to share!

If you enjoyed those findings, be sure to encourage your SIOP friends to complete their membership profiles within SIOP.org. If everyone adds their updated information, the Membership Analytics Subcommittee will be able to present even more insightful facts next year!

Have SIOP membership data requests for your committee or research efforts? Submit your request here and be sure to review our latest Membership Data Governance Policy.





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