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Here’s a story about a Consultant

Last year, Joe Psychologist started an independent organizational consulting business.  He decided to take advantage of a SIOP member benefit, the Consultant Locator service.  He signed up for Consultant Locator by checking the opt-in box in his user profile. He was happy to know that his SIOP membership included a built-in marketing opportunity for his new venture. A year later, Joe’s business was booming, and he enthusiastically renewed his SIOP membership so that he could continue enjoying access to the Consultant Locator service.  

Let’s take a look at Joe’s Consultant Locator Profile:

Note that Joe’s profile provides the following information: his contact information, a photo, and the services offered. It also includes his resume, which is very helpful for promoting his expertise to the world.  Joe dutifully filled out all the user account demographics, thus providing the specific details that prospective customers wanted when making the decision to contact him.

The SIOP Administrative Office frequently receives phone calls and emails from organizations looking to hire a business consultant, and where do you think we direct those inquiries? Consultant Locator, of course! Our best recommendation is that you take the time to fill out your user profile completely. Click through all the links in the Account Actions column to update or add information.  We especially encourage you to check the boxes to be included in the Consultant Locator and the Media Resources Directory. 

If you belong to the APA or similar organizations, there is a box to check for that, too.  The APA indicator is especially important, because SIOP frequently communicates APA election details and other information to our members.  Unless this box is checked in your user profile, you will not receive that information nor be listed in Division 14 by APA. 

Please take a few minutes today to log in at SIOP.org and freshen up your SIOP member profile. Feel free to renew your dues while you are at it!

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